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aestimō (Latin) – estimate, value, appraise, assess, esteem, evaluate, rate


Who are we?

  • We are a team of highly trained specialists with significant experience in Health Technology Assessment:
    • we have been operating continuously since the beginning of 2008
    • during this time we have completed over 200 full HTA reports and many other projects in this field
  • We are committed to and professional in what we do:
    • we can guarantee the high quality of our analyses and credibility of our HTA reports
    • some of us have been engaged in HTA for more than 17 years
  • We are energetic/dynamic and innovative:
    • we keep track of advances in HTA methodology
    • we make sure our techniques are up-to-date with regard to the latest knowledge, local and international guidelines and applicable legal regulations
  • We are flexible and creative:
    • we adjust to individual customer’s needs
    • we are delighted to deal with inspiring challenges and unconventional projects

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highly trained specialists with long term experience

Areas of medicine


Clinical oncology

Malignant neoplasms are a growing health problem, which...

Malignant neoplasms are a growing health problem, which are already the second most common cause of death in Poland, with over 160,000 new cases annually. That trend is partially reflected in the number of reimbursement applications for new innovative oncology drugs filed with the Minister of Health. Nearly half of our projects are prepared for health technologies intended for cancer treatment.

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Internal diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for the most...

Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for the most deaths in Poland. Due to their high prevalence, cardiovascular diseases, but also diabetes mellitus and lung diseases are a significant burden to society and the health care system. Usually, in such sizable populations it is expected that the reimbursement of new drugs will have a high financial impact, therefore, building a credible and well-grounded budget impact analysis becomes a challenging task.

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Rare diseases

It is estimated that as much as 6-8% of the general...

It is estimated that as much as 6-8% of the general population may suffer from rare diseases, which would mean 2-3 million people in Poland alone. Unsurprisingly, there are high unmet clinical needs that remain to be addressed in this group of patients. Orphan drugs are associated with high treatment costs, and at the same time there is limited evidence supporting their clinical effectiveness, which makes an assessment highly challenging and means a unique analytical approach is often necessary.

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Other clinical problems

Mental disorders and neurological diseases may...

Mental disorders and neurological diseases may significantly decrease patients’ quality of life or even lead to disabilities; something that differentiates their assessment from technologies like vaccines or diagnostic procedures. However, we are able to easily adjust our methods to fully capture the specificity of a medical problem.

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Products and services

In our job we are focused on delivering high quality health technology assessment reports.
We can also offer our expertise and support with reimbursement submissions to the Minister of Health. We are authors of many publications.
We can offer technical training regarding topics related to evidence-based medicine and HTA.